‘Kimi wa Kanata’ Anime Film Announced

The official teaser website for the original anime film Kimi wa Kanata was unveiled on Tuesday. The website also revealed two cast members as well as a teaser image (pictured above). The film takes place in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro District and is set to debut in Fall 2020. Additionally, a novel published by Kadokawa is set to be released alongside the movie.

Mio has feelings for her childhood friend Arata, but can’t convey her feelings. One day, as they continue their delicate relationship, the two fight over something trivial. After letting tensions settle, Mio goes to make up with him in the pouring rain. While on her way, she gets into a traffic accident. When she regains consciousness, a mysterious and unfamiliar world appears before her eyes.

Mio: Honoka Matsumoto (You to Bakemono ni Naru Chichi ga Tsurai live-action drama)
Arata: Toshiki Seto (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid live-action drama)

Director, Screenplay: Yoshinobu Sena (Kushimitama Samurai)
Animation Studio: Digital Network Animation (Sakkai Eightraid)
Production, Planning: CUCURI (Sakkai Eightraid)
Distribution: Rabbit House, Elephant House

The film is Yoshinobu Sena’s first feature-length animated movie. In 2014, he won the Yamagata Prefectural Governor’s Award at the tenth Yamagata International Movie Festival for Kushimitama Samurai. This movie is also Toshiki Seto’s voice acting debut.

Official site: https://www.kimikana.jp/

Source : MyAnimeList